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Mammograph FFDM is a digital mammography system  (from mammography to stereotactic biopsy) characterized by the strong improvement  of digital imaging.

Digital Mammography with Digital Detector

Digital Mammography System

Digital Mammography System

Digital mammographs for clinical examinations

Mammograph FFDM is a digital mammography system  (from mammography to stereotactic biopsy) characterized by the strong improvement of digital imaging.


Totally, microprocessor controlled digital mammography system; its asymmetry facilitates the operator both in accessing the controls and in controlling the patient.

Fluoroscopy room

Image quality

Very high image quality thanks to enhancement algorithm for mammographic images.

Low dose

Digital detectors with high DQE for a significant dose reduction compared to conventional systems.


Interfacing with any RIS, with PACS archiving systems and with DICOM printers.

Mammograph FFDM

Compression system

Motorized and manual compression system with safe release, and parameters visualization on lateral displays.

Isocentric motorized C-arm

Motorized vertical movement and continuous rotation with pre-selectable angles, all breast positions can be inspected without having to move the patient.

Digital breast tomosynthesis

Increase mammogram diagnostic content with a detailed 3D reconstruction.

Compression Digital mammograph system


  • Adjustable manual and motorized compression with safety release
  • Progressive reduction of compression speed for greater patient comfort
  • Adjustable compression force and thickness shown on four different displays
  • Special function for 0 N compression force for oncology procedures


  • Motorized vertical movement
  • Continuous motorized rotation with programmable projections
  • Usable for Stereotactic Biopsy in combination with the dedicated SBD accessory
Isocentric c arm movement on digital mammographc system
complete digital mammography system optimized for 3D tomosynthesis

digital breast Tomosynthesis

  • Mammograph D-Tomo: complete digital mammography solution optimized for 3D tomosynthesis
  • Conventional mammography with a 24×30 cm detector with Amorphous Silicon or Amorphous Selenium technology for direct conversion
  • Tomosynthesis scan
  • Conventional mammography and tomosynthesis scan during breast compression procedure

Geometric magnification

Device for (x1.5 / x1.8 / x2) geometric magnification with automatic selection of small focus once fitted

Anti-X Safety

Protective anti-x barriers for operator safety and polycarbonate screen to protect patient’s face

Exposure controlled with italray's Digital mammography system

Automatic control of exposure

  • Applied basing on breast density or compressed breast thickness (for patients with prothesis)
  • Device for the calculation and visualization of the Average Glandular Dose (AGD)

Extremely low dose

Superb image quality

Low dose on digital mammography system


(100 kHz)

Radiographic tube with 2 focal spots

Rhodium /silver filters

Digital detector with 16 bit conversion


  • Control panel with auxiliary display to select inclination, projections, compression force, breast thickness and laterality

Mammograph FFDM |  D-Tomo
Digital mammography workstation for review and screening


Customized mammographic specific reading and hanging protocols for both screening and diagnostic study interpretation


“One-click” workflow-streamlines reading from opening a study to generate a report


Streamlined comparison between current exams and multiple previous exams


Automatic alignment and scaling of images


Navigation by mouse wheel to view full-resolution image


Automatic Mammography Reporting System

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